Ichabod Crane And Miles Standish In The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

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The book, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the poem The Courtship of Miles Standish surprisingly, have many things in common. The characters that are mere opposites are similar in more ways than you think. In the following paragraphs, we will explore the similarities and differences of these two books and their characters. First, we will compare and contrast the strategies and courtships of Ichabod Crane and Miles Standish. They both were unsuccessful in wooing the women of their dreams. Ichabod’s strategy was slowly and subtly trying to win the heart of Katrina Van Tassel. Miles’ strategy was to not even approach Priscilla and have another man do it for him. They were both alike in their strategies because they were both cowardly. They were…show more content…
Brom was loud, bold and ready to fight for Katrina. John was free to court Priscilla after Miles Standish “died” and then he wooed her by eloquent words and speech. These strategies worked very well because they both excelled in communication which is a big part of a successful relationship. John Alden’s courtship was very close to what I would call an “ideal courtship.” He loved Priscilla with all his heart and he told her that very frequently. Out of all the courtships we have analyzed I find John Alden’s to be the most satisfying. Brom Bone’s courtship was similar, but lacked the passionate speech found in John’s relationship. Their strategies held a lot more value than Mile’s and Ichabod’s, and the maidens reacted with affection towards their efforts. Thirdly we will analyze the similarities and differences of Miles, Brom, Ichabod and John. Miles and Brom are very alike physically. Miles was a captain, and leader of war. He won various battles and his strength was impeccable. Brom was a leader of a small gang. He was fierce, a good horseback rider and physically strong. Both men were alike in their places in society and their bodily attributes, but what caused Brom to win his maiden and not Miles? The biggest difference of these men, who seem so much alike, is that Brom had much more courage than…show more content…
Ichabod was a school teacher and John Alden was a lover of books and writing. They both were not leaders in their societies and neither of them had won wars or liked to fight. So why did John win his lady, not Ichabod? The answer is much like that of Brom and Miles. John had courage and boldness which Ichabod lacked. Each courtship and book portrayed heavy emotion and feeling. This was a strong theme in books written in the Romantic Era and these courtships were a definite example of that. John Alden was emotional and spiritual while courting Priscilla. Miles was cowardly while asking for Priscilla’s hand in marriage. Ichabod was quiet and meek, while Brom was loud and bold. All these relationships were great examples of the strong feeling in books and poem written in that time. After evaluating the different courtships and their results, we have come to a conclusion that all these men are very different, yet very alike. Each man who won the heart of his beloved woman had courage; the men who lost the heart of their ladies, lacked boldness. The physical attributes of the winning and losing men might have been the same, but their hearts and actions counted toward winning their
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