Identity In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Throughout the book, Guy Montag tried to always find a sense of identity. Since, individuality was banned, there was no way to teach the importance of learning. It seems like Burbary was trying to hint at us that individual is such an important aspect in life in general, that our culture is constantly trying to change it. He made this futuristic setting so that people can see what could happen if they get suck into society. This setting also shows of what could happen if we’re not careful enough. With doing this, he showed the town people and the main character, getting caught up with themselves that they began to lose their sense of individuality. Ray Bradbury not only intents this message, but gives symbols through his characters in his…show more content…
She represents the past, the past of individually achievement. We see this through the conversation that she speaks with Guy that the society is becoming caught up with the latest technology that they don’t realise what’s going on in their own life. The author used the conversation over Clarisse getting kicked out of school. They didn’t like the way she learned, her uniqueness. We see that she has already achieved what the unachieveable is now. Clarisse is not the only character that symbols significs. Captain Beatty represented the future, the future reality. He shows us what will happen to life if society takes over. He has no sense of individuality, which is opposite of Clarisse. The differences is portrayed noticeable which is what Ray wanted. This character shows the the effects of the society now. He shows what could and will happen if it takes over.
Not only is the past and future are being showed, the present is also shown in the characters. Granger is the leader of the “book people.” He represents Guy’s past, present, and future but in the book, he shows the reader of what’s going on in society today. When the author speaks of Granger, he always uses the words intelligent, patient, and confident. We are showed that since he is the leader of this group, he wants a change in society. This could not only relate to change in his book, but also change in our world that we are trying to
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