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221 830 this worker went to an IEP meeting held at Lebanon elementary school board the meeting start off with an induction worker garden teacher special-education teacher pathways teacher Mr. Gates this worker and principal mr. Teasley and body by phone. The present level that Terrence is dealing with being ripped away from his family which was stated by Mr. Gates. Miss Moore reported that Terrence was call for testing it was no red flag in his reading or math he was of average range. Miss Moore stated that. Terrence is trying to cope with foster care. Mr. Gates reported that Terrence prize 45 minutes hour after his mother leaves for visitation are you speak to family on the phone. Certain triggers cousin Terrence to add violent. Meeting spoke …show more content…

Terrence had a communication or motor skill problem. Just to get signed off for the IEP. I can't the meeting spoke about possible summer school everyone decline due to I could help or not help Terrence. Everyone thought that Terrence need more time to adjust his current foster home and social life before returning to school in the fall. That's the ass this is principal if there something that I could do a social development for Terrence. The social worker felt diagnosing Terrence with a mouth developmental delay with the diagnosis open she did not feel comfortable diagnosing Terrence with any other diagnosis. Terrence fell on the axis of One of the reasons for developmentally the social emotional. Betsy was concerned because Terrence was a good average student but had hitting kicking any loping issues within the school. The group talked about reevaluation and academic achievement change where tenses needs maybe. There is no Cognitive functioning delay. Terrence was farsighted this worker

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