Illegal Immigration Issues

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Since the founding of the United States of America, this country was considered as the country of immigrants. America was tend to be one of those countries that welcomed foreign newcomers who wanted to settle in the US for a better life. Nowadays, every person living in the US can undeniably be considered an immigrant or the progeny of the immigration. On the other hand, the problem that America is facing today is illegal immigration. Nowadays, illegal immigration is one of the major national issues. According to statistics (2014) of the Pew Research Center, it is estimated that 11.3 million of illegal immigrants live in America today, and this number is rapidly growing. While most legal immigrants experience a hospitality of their new homeland, …show more content…

In most cases, undocumented immigrants treated not as equal because in the society they are considered a low-abiding immigrants. What is more, the basic rights and freedom of the illegal immigrants are disregarded simply because of their illegal status. They often become a subject to injustice, discrimination and harassment. According to the article “Rape in the Fields”, published by the Berkeley University of California, the significant number of female farmworkers in the state of Iowa, who live in the US illegally, had experienced a sexual harassment in the workplace. As the majority of agricultural workers were illegal, they preferred to keep silence “hoping to keep their jobs and to avoid deportation.” In contrast, the protection of the human rights of legal immigrants is much more effective because they are constitutionally protected against different types of discrimination. In the situation where people respect the laws, they are treated more politely. All things considered, legal and illegal immigrants experience significant differences in their civil, employment and human rights. Legal immigrants have more advantages in building up their future in the country they chose to live in. Illegal immigrants cannot be integrated into the society and do not have a chance to take a rightful part until they made everything lawfully appropriate. The change of their status would

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