Immigration Policies

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For this paper, my research 's main focus will be on Immigration Policies, like ICE raids. I will investigate and analyze how ICE raids affected and still affect Latinx/Chicanx communities. On top of the negative impacts it causes, I will be looking into the history of how ICE was formed and how it is an oppressive system that is known to target mainly undocumented Latinxs. Although ICE was “founded” in 2003, I will be including history of alternative methods the country used before ICE was established. The most deportations occurred under Obama 's presidential term and given the new administration, that is upfront and clear about being anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican, communities have no idea what to expect. I chose this topic for that…show more content…
The new administration has shown it 's true intentions, to make a country “great again” when in fact, it 's never been great. As history is being made, it 's also forgotten. Any history that will disrupt America 's master narrative will be lost. Border stories and the lives of immigrants in the US is an important aspect of the Chicanx/Latinx Movement, and yet it 's a topic we don 't know much about, or talk about it because of the sensitivity of the topic. The Chicanx Movement is not included in the AP US History curriculum but the Chicanx Movement orginated in the US. With that being said, It 's up to us to continue to recover and reclaim our history and make sure it is no longer silenced. The US has done their job and continues to fulfill their duty to instill fear into our undocumented communities and anyone on the other side to not think twice about coming to America. This fear is the root to the silences in our history, and that fear comes from the on going oppressive system the US has placed…show more content…
La Migra In 2003, ICE was established as the newest form of immigration “protection” for the United States. Before then, the US created Border Patrol in 1924. To us, they are known as “la migra.” Based on limited resources like films and family stories, hearing someone shout “La migra” was a warning to run and/or hide from Border Patrol. It could have been yelled the second you crossed the border, during work on the fields, and even in your own neighborhood, your own home. The US border patrol was implemented to limit the way people can enter the US, apparently they wanted the “legal” way. But, the Spanish did not come legally. Nothing they did was legal, they raped our women and committed mass murders. The US picks and chooses what and who they get to call illegal and it always happens to affect people of

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