College Admissions Essay: From Migrating To The United States

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Throughout my childhood, my parents taught me values of empathy, resilience and optimism in the face of adversity. These characteristics allowed me to become the tenacious individual that I am today. Being the inquisitive individual I am, I always wondered about my family’s heritage; the journey of how we established ourselves in this country. Yet I never imagined how much of a nightmare it was immigrating to the United States until my mother told the story. My mother immigrated to the United States facing a harrowing journey, one that placed her at the mercy of the environment and the intersection of many harsh opinions. Opinions that would judge her once she made it across, people would look down at her for not being able to speak english, …show more content…

He was part of a large family, and worked from the age of six. As an individual who was not educated, he did not have as many options to choose from when trying to apply for a job. Yet, he was hired as a construction worker receiving only minimum wage. Eighteen years later and he is now receiving a salary as a supervisor for that same company, all by always giving 100% into all he did, never missing a day of work, and never giving up. My dad has showed me that with hard work and tenacity, you can go from rock bottom, living in a cramped trailer with no AC caring for three others, to living in a lovely home able to afford enough to provide for us. Finally, my sister who regardless of the sheer copious amount of homework she had, was at a moment’s notice ready to aid me. She taught me selflessness. Seeing my sister consistently volunteering at food banks, churches and the hospital made me want to follow her footsteps. An activity that I continue to actively do and have a developed a passion for. Overall, my family has taught me the importance of service, education, and of tenacity in the face of adversity. My parent’s stern beliefs of never taking life for granted and to always take the step forward to establish yourself as a responsible individual created a work ethic that has solidified my character. When I imagine the hardships my parents faced to create the future where my sister and I have the opportunity to pursue

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