Persuasive Essay About American Dream

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Growing up, my parents couldn 't always afford what I wanted, but I always had food and shelter. My dad’s family brought him to California chasing the American dream. He had to dropout of high school in order to help provide for his family due to economic problems. He was only sixteen having to work in the fields. My dad is currently working as a forklift driver for Driscoll’s where he has been working for over twenty-five years. My mom worked in the fields picking strawberries for about twenty years. Me and my sister were about three and four years old and my dad didn’t want my mom to work in order for her to be there for us and take care of us. With my mom being unemployed, money became limited. My parents couldn’t afford cable neither internet. As much as me and my sister wanted to watch Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, cable couldn’t be provided for us. Until now, cable is still out of our budget. When me and my sister had homework or projects that required internet we used to go to my aunt’s house where she would let us use her computer. Not too long ago, my freshman year, we were able to get affordable internet for low income. Throughout the Madera Academic Youth Alliance Club I was able to get involved in school as well as the community. One saturday in the morning a couple of us gather together along with the science club at the Madera Courthouse Park. We served chicken soup to the homeless and later that afternoon we served sandwiches in a bag with a juice box and

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