Illusions In Lord Of The Flies, Crucible, And Night

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In everyday situations, people tend to overlook when an issue is getting worse. They start to create illusions in the face of danger. These types of things happen in the three works we’ve read. Those three works being The Lord of the Flies, The Crucible, and Night. In these three books, the characters refuse to admit that they are in trouble. They are obsessed with the thought of everything is going to be fine in the end. This is not always the case, which people in everyday life should start to understand. Life is not a fairy tale that is always going to end up with everything going in a positive direction. Therefore, in life people ignore the aspect of situations getting worse, and only pay attention to the illusions they create to avoid it. There are examples of this happening in The Lord of the Flies. In the book the kids were trying to kill the beast to make everybody feel safe again. After all their attempts they finally thought they succeeded by throwing spears repeatedly at their “target.” Then, when they thought they were finished they figured out that it was not the beast. It turned out to be one of their close friends Simon. All the children …show more content…

His parents were separated during this tough time of hunger and misery. Along the journey, Elie’s father would slowly become weaker and weaker. Elie refused to believe that his dad was actually becoming weak, and had the possibility of death closer than expected. Eventually, Ellie had to face the truth and accept the fact that he had to leave his dad behind. Another example in the book was when the jews quit denying the truth behind Hitler. They started to accept that Hitler would not lie and stick to his word of demolishing all Jews. His one goal in life was to just get rid of every Jew because of his unknown hatred towards them. The Jews started to realize this and became more aware of their toxic

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