The Negative Impact Of Industrialization In The United States

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Industrialization in the U.S. occurred in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. Industrialization is when society changed from mostly agriculture to mainly factories in cities. This provided more jobs. This has a negative impact on society. As of the coming of factories there are also a lot of downfalls. One of those downfalls is crime. A crime is an accused action that is against the law. At this time it is very easy to be a criminal. For example you can rent guns, easily hire hitmen and there is no ID’s so criminals can jump from town to town. As a result of this there was a high number of murders(Entry 7). This is not good because more people will die. Another negative impact of industrialization is tenements. Tenements are small dirty apartments that are very cheap. Tenements are also very small and cramped so multiple families will be in one room. There are dead animals and human waste all over the ground also. The cities are not very sanitary. This is a negative impact because diseases will spread easier because people are living in filth.(Entry 7) …show more content…

The cities were filled with all different kinds of people. Factories caused this because more people moved to the U.S. because more jobs were available in the Factories. When this occurred many americans lost their jobs because the immigrant would work for less money. Immigration was also bad because there is a lot more pollution because the cities were so crowded. All together immigration had a bad impact on society.(Entry 10B) In the long run industrialization had a negative impact on society. The three biggest reasons are crime, tenements and immigration. Because of this I would like you to believe that industrialization had a negative impact on

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