Impact Of Social Media On Youth

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3.3 Impact on Youth
Social media tools are woven into many young people 's day-to-day lives. Young people are in conversation and communication with their peer groups using a wide variety of different media and media devices every day.
10 years ago, young people may have only been in touch with friends and peer-groups when hanging out at school, or meeting up in town. Now young people can be touch through instant messaging, social networks, online games and many other tools. Young people are growing up in a constantly connected society[2].This SNSs impact on youth in both positively and negatively.Social Media might be sometimes seemed like just a new set of cool tools for involving youngpeople but the emergence of social media potentially has a bigger impact than that. It impacts upon young people who are growing up in an age where media is not about broadcast content from the TV, but is about interactivity, multimedia and multi-tasking.The SNSs can be influenced on youth in different aspects of social life, political awareness, religious practices, educational learning, trends adopting, sports activities and so on.
As Social Networking Sites (SNS) plays an increasingly important role in the lives of many young peopleand presents them with both opportunities and risks. Many of the reasons young people mayencounter risks through SNS have roots outside of the technology, in issues of young people 'spersonal and social development.
Table 1. Main Impacts on Youth
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