Importance Of Freedoms In America

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America has many freedoms. These freedoms are stated in the Constitution, and they give us security, equality, and liberty. There is a multitude of freedoms: freedom of speech, religion, the right to bear arms, the right to protest and petition the government, equality among races and genders, and many more. Three very important freedoms granted by the Constitution are, the freedom of religion, freedom of protesting, and equality among races and genders. They are some of the building blocks of America. Freedom of religion may be the most obvious and the most straightforward of them all. We would be hypocrites if we didn’t have freedom of religion, for America was practically founded on religious freedom. People immigrated from England to escape religious prosecution. We pride ourselves on being so diverse in the U.S., and we wouldn’t be that way if we didn’t have so many religions and …show more content…

Protesting is relatively patriotic. Shortly before the Revolutionary War, the colonists protested against the king’s orders and taxes. Protesting lead to our freedom as a nation. There are other nations around the world, take Russia for instance, who have completely outlawed protesting. Imagine your government passing law that is unjust, and protesting only leads to imprisonment or possibly even death. Who would want to live in a country like that? Freedom of assembly is a blessing in which America should be glad to have. Equality among races and genders is something we have that many countries wish they did. The equality may not always be perfect, but we have it better than others. There are countries where women simply don’t get to do the things men can do, and people of a minority don’t get the same rights as the majority. For example, South Africa only recently gained equality among its different races. In America, all people are given the same rights, and that is more than I can say for other places around the

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