Importance Of Honesty In Friendship

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Honesty is a crucial attribute in your life because it is one of the ways people judge you for who you are. It is the most valuable yet the toughest aspect you can offer in a friendship. If the people around you know you as dishonest, you will have a hard time finding good friends that will benefit you later on in life. Honesty means integrity and righteousness. It is a virtue in oneself that everyone looks for. An honest person is respectful, fearless, and cares for others feelings. It is the most important feature of a friendship to last. Honesty is extremely crucial in friendship because all friendships are built on trust, honest friends inspire & motivate us, and they boost our self-confidence by having trust in each other. Over time, people make many friends, some …show more content…

Whether it's for advice, inspirational motivation, or just their company in general, friends are always there for each other when in need. They understand you like no one else ever will. They motivate you and support you in whatever you're pursuing, and the true ones don’t ever let you down. Anyone can show up for you when you’re happy, but the ones that stay by your side your heart falls apart, are the real friends you need. In society, bullying and depression are very common. Someone can easily be impacted by any of these. People get affected because they don't have the right people to talk to, who will stand up for them. This is where honesty in your life can really come in handy. If you have the right people you call your friends, they help you get through thick and thin. According to a study at Brigham Young University, Dr.Julianne Holt says “honest friends encourage good habits, chase away depression, and cause satisfaction with less stress.” Similar to getting moral support from your friends, they also help you boost your

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