Importance Of Law In To Kill A Mockingbird

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For me, law is the driving force in maintaining a world of justice and order. We live in a world where the horrific consequences of worldwide terrorism are played in front of our very eyes, yet we stand and continue to watch. Living in London has made me victim to such consequences. As a Muslim, who has chosen to wear hijab, I feel more susceptible to Islamophobic attacks. It has instilled and derived a fear, a fear which prevents me from going about my day as candidly and carefree as I once did. But I do continue to live, because I know that the law will ensure the individuals who present such cowardly acts will be brought to justice. Witnessing the repercussions first hand has only fuelled my determination to broaden my understanding of the law because it simply isn’t acceptable. One should not be deterred from sitting next to a Muslim on public transport, nor should the norm of Muslims being associated with terrorists continue. Hence, studying law is pivotal in changing certain social attitudes towards individuals, law manages to permeate every part of today's world; it colours many areas of life and is very much integrated with, and affected by current affairs. …show more content…

The lawyer, the sheriff as well as the jurors are all contributors within a criminal justice system with a responsibility to the truth, but who choose to ignore it in order to achieve what they consider the ‘right‘ result, based on their personal morality. I firmly believe that morality should be enshrined in the law and employed impartially to all, through public mechanisms such as trials, not privately or subject to the whims of

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