Healthcare Informatics In Nursing

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1. HEALTHCARE INFORMATICS Healthcare informatics in nursing improves decision making, it helps in detecting changes in patient’s condition which could be for the nurse to call rapid response team or to intervene through modified early warning system (MEWS) which assigns numerical value to the vital signs reading and calculates a score that indicates the severity of the sickness and tendency of escalating to critical condition. Nurse is able to locate essential equipment such as IV pumps, infusion pumps, EKG machines, portable computers with the click of a button when wireless technology and radio frequency identification (RFID) thereby improving patient care at the nursing level. The nurse could equally use RFID technology to track surgical…show more content…
HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Health information technology makes it easy for the nurse to the treatment they carry out patient, patient’s response and progress toward the health care goal on coming in contact with the patient. It makes monitoring easy for the nurse and easily accessible by other team members. It improves the quality of health care the nurse gives to the patient, increases administrative efficiencies, and decreases the nurse’s paperwork. Reduces malpractices in nursing work. 4. PHYSIOLOGIC MONITORING SYSTEM Monitoring patient and having understanding of physiological parameters is important to every nurse, so with the aid of physiologic monitoring system the job is made easy to be able to offer high quality. Normal and abnormal variants in parameters and vital signs from the system help the nurse to intervene promptly and appropriately. It helps the nurse to tailor parameters of the alarms to meet the specific needs of each patient. Continuous monitoring of physiological function help guide management decision and when to make therapeutic interventions. It alerts the nurse of potentially life-threatening events 5. CLINICAL DECISION SUPPORT…show more content…
It solves increasing shortages of nurses, to reduce distances and save travel time, and also keep patients out of hospital. Nurses are able to have job satisfaction. It provides access to remotely monitor and manage patient. Through telehealth nurses are able to case manage patients with chronic illnesses, counsel and coordinate care. Nurses are able to transmit data for clinicians to interpret so medical interventions can be applied. Telehealth promotes health promotions, education, disease prevention, therapy, diagnosis and
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