Penguins Ecosystem Research Paper

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I believe that Penguins can be helpful in their ecosystem, but there is a lot of other organisms that have a bigger purpose. There are plenty of ecosystems with millions of different types of species, and they each have an different type of relationship between each other. There are also some organisms that can kill the others and make that species die out, and that is what is known as extinction. These ecosystems are really interesting because there are a variety of different organisms in each, even some organisms that wouldn 't go together if they were in an different ecosystem. It is also interesting on how these species interact with each other and that is just natural for them, it 's meant to be that way, so if an python eats a rat that 's just the way it is.

Penguins live in antarctica and have an interspecific relationship with things like fish and other things close to that. They also eat other fish like creatures like krill and small squid in which a relationship between the two would be that the penguin benefits off the fish but the fish dies. Then there are things that also kill these penguins such as leopard seals, they benefit off the penguin and the penguin benefit of the fish. Then you got things like sea lions which also kill and eat penguins so that is also an …show more content…

The penguins ecosystem consists of multiple colonies of penguins and they 're usually near a lake or the ocean so they have quick access to food. They eat fish from another ecosystem which is the ocean but when they go in that area, it 's a different ecosystem so there are animals there that will try to kill the Penguins for food. So you might think penguins are the only one in that ecosystem, but there are also polar bears that eat fish in that ecosystem just like penguins. So overall penguins live in an ecosystem with not very many types of species but their neighboring ecosystem is their only source of

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