Importance Of The Fourth Amendment

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Would you like your home to be searched in the middle of the night and have all of your stuff thrown on the ground just because a police officer may think that you have been doing something illegal? Luckily your Fourth amendment right protects you from this ever happening. The purpose of the Fourth Amendment is to protect U.S. citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. During the revolutionary war the British had imposed the writs of assistance which was a law that gave British government much more power over American Individuals. Americans were very unhappy with the writs of assistance because many would be thrown in jail without reason or a very weak one and their property would be destroyed by British officials who …show more content…

This amendment is also very important because people like the police would have too much power over other people. For example a normal person could be patted down and searched just if they looked suspicious and this is a violation of their body and property which they deserve the right to have control of. The Fourth Amendment has dramatically changed our country by protecting people’s personal items and property. Although there are still some mixed opinions about the Fourth Amendment most people are for it and believe that it is a great way for them to feel safe in their homes and with their possessions. Many people that are for the Fourth Amendment believe that it is a great amendment that protects them from unnecessary searches or when police abuse the law and destroy property to find what they need. Although some people think that the Fourth Amendment can be used as an excuse to hide drugs or weapons from the police when they have alleged reasons that what you are doing so is illegal. Now that I have done lot’s of research on the Fourth Amendment I understand that it has had a much larger effect than just protecting U.S. citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. The writs of assistance showed the colonists they needed a government that had valid reasons to search them or seize their property. Once the colonists had their own government, the ratified the Fourth Amendment to give themselves these protections. Without the Fourth Amendment today there would be much more concern about police biased and prejudice. Even with it, the current protests in Chicago show concern about people's Fourth Amendment rights. Many police officers in Chicago pullover and search people’s cars due to “suspicious” signs of drugs. Most of the people pulled over are black and this not only creates racial tension between

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