In Cold Blood Perry Character Analysis

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Although Dick is the almost forgotten character beside Perry, he is veiwed more in context towards the end of the book; therefore even murderes who are sentenced to dealth are still people worth mourning. Capote uses discription to prove of the differences of the cells that Dick and Perry were placed in. First he includes how perry’s cell is like, “...Perry lured one off a branch onto the window silll… it was a male squirrle...soon settled down, appparently content to share his friend’s captivity”(Capote 254). Perry is still the main focus, he makes friends witha squirrel. He also as a cell away from all other cell mates and a window to watch as people walk by, going on with their life. Capote then goes to show how Dick is doing in his cell, …show more content…

Dick is asked to write about his childhood so the pychatrist can evualte him, he describes his bicycle his father got him, “My dad bought me a bicycle once, and I believe that I was the proudest boy in town. It was a girl’s bike and he changed it over to a boy’s. He painted it all up and it looked new”(Capote 277). Dick is showing a softer side of himself. A side that he never lets the reader see. The way that he says “I was the proudest boy in town” proves the love he had towards his father. Knowing that they did not have a lot money, but his father spent the time fixing up a bike so his son could ride around town. This is part of the letter that Dick wrote that was only to be seen by one person, to never be shared with anyone else. He purposefully didn’t talk about this side or the reader did not see it. We only focus on the thought that he was associated with murder, but when Capote puts this letter in the book we can focus on the other side of Dick that we had previously over-looked. The humane part of Dick is shown. The part that people can be sad to see go. Everyone has this side to them. The side that they don’t want to let anyone see, but it is the side that people can feel bad for. The side that people would be sad to see

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