Industrial Revolution: Impact On The Health Of Factory Workers

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The Industrial Revolution is an important time period during the 1800s. During that time, factories were made with machines operated by workers. Also many agricultural people left to live in cities to work in the factories, also known as urbanization.The Industrial Revolution impacted the lives of many factory workers in many ways.

Factories around the whole world affected the health of the workers inside. According to the document, it says how a factory worker got “damaged lungs… muscles that do not work properly… and insufficient diet.(Doc 2) This shows that he suffers from a lot of internal health problems that leads to death, which was mostly caused by the dust around the factory. Also on the photograph on Document 4, it reveals children with exposed skin to the machines and a boy coughing in the background, most likely by dust. This can lead to people to think that kids purposely cut themselves to get out of the factory. …show more content…

As it says on Document 3, it shows how managers move the clocks backward or forward to make the factory workers work longer and harder, and sometimes they get quartered for no reason! It also says that if the workers were sleepy, they “were frequently strapped.”(Doc 1) This shows how the workers got whipped if they were not doing their work or tired, like slaves. Outside of the factory, workers lived in small, crowded apartments. They also have to follow the rules of the managers, for example like going to church every

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