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As the Industrial Revolution came about in the early 1800’s and it had a big impact on not only how people lived, but how long people lived. From the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, the life expectancy of a professional was only to the age of 38, it was 20 years old for a person of the middle class or an average person, and for a laborer in the factories the life expectancy was about 17 years old. (Doc. 8) The reason for terrible numbers is all of the pollution in the air and water throughout the city. From The Graphic magazine, the picture shows the view from the Blackfriars bridge over the River Irwell. The picture shows all of the pollution in the air and the water. It shows all of the pollutants from the factories through the smoke stacks and shows the water from the factories leaking into the drinking water for the whole city. (Doc. 11) All of the diseases that can come from the bad water and air are all factors that lead to the short life expectancies. Even if people are not necessarily working in the factories, they are still very open inhaling and consuming all of the waste coming from them. So this affected …show more content…

They had to find a way to meet the needs of society and not just what the country wanted. The country around Europe wanted to make as much money as possible but it was at a big cost. William Alexander Abram, “ The Hours of Labor in Factories Act, passed in 1844… the excessive hours of labor have legally reduced to ten hours per day. Wages— thanks mainly to accelerated machinery and improved working conditions— have largely increased.” (Doc.10) These advancements made things better for workers so they could even get better clothes and food to survive. There were also many other Acts that followed that made the lives of workers even better, but still their lives still weren 't

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