Industrialization Of Manchester Dbq Essay

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As industrialization swept through England and hit upon Manchester, the city experienced exponential growth as formerly rural workers flocked to the city to seek employment in the new factories. This brought significant growth of the city in terms of population, infrastructure, and economy. However, the expansion witnessed by Manchester was not without its issues. As a result of this period of heightened expansion, it may have been true that the economy and infrastructure grew, but what grew was of a poor nature, with the streets narrow and crowded, the buildings produced en masse, and the living conditions generally poor in terms of health, food, and at times, money. Furthermore, the city became greatly polluted, exacerbating issues of health. …show more content…

The rate and size of growth indicated by Document 1 caused the streets to become crowded not only with people, but with new buildings, made narrow. These buildings that surrounded the streets were of a standardized quality, all made of brick in a fashion lacking any artistic grace. Pollution existed everywhere, and it can be assumed that the public health infrastructure (running water, doctors and hospitals) was equally poor. If Document 1 and 2 are to be believed, as the properly should, Manchester’s population’s rate of growth as part of the economic growth of the city produced horrid infrastructure that served only to exacerbate problems that existed within the city itself. Living conditions were poor as a result of the aforementioned goings-on of Manchester. Already the wages were not of a significant amount, and the hours were long as industrialists took advantage of the abundance of cheap labor from the farmlands that now occupied the city and grew it to a massive size. According to Document 5, many diseases in Manchester resulted from pollution with garbage and filth existing everywhere in the …show more content…

Apparently, the residents of Manchester did not care for how education would aid them and chose reckless lifestyles to attempt to live as happily as possible despite the long hours, poor wages, crowded conditions, and rampant disease. Document 6 helps to corroborate much of this, claiming that most workers lacked basic amenities of clothing, furnishings, and good nutrition. Lacking these amenities and basic nutrition, it is unsurprising that many individuals turned towards the bars that sprung up in the crowded city to not only take their mind off of the horrid situation but also to avoid the practically poisonous water and nourishment that they would receive elsewhere. These conditions resulted directly from the economic growth of Manchester as it encouraged industry to expand at a rapid, unregulated pace that led to high pollution and poor city-planning. Manchester experienced serious issues resulting from its economic growth in terms of its industries’ poor quality, city’s poor infrastructure, and citizen’s poor living

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