The Contributions Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution can be argued to be one of the biggest advances to mankind, as it had far reaching impacts on various parts of the world (Angeles, 2016). Due to these various impacts, it paved the way for one of the greatest revolutions, which changed the world to facilitate what we see as “Modern Day Advancements”. In this essay I will be discussing why the Industrial Revolution had started in England and the effects of the revolution around the world.
There is a confluence of reasons as to why the Industrial Revolution had begun in England. The Agricultural Revolution had led to an increased food production and increased population overall in England (Beck). This resulted in people from the country side moving into the city to work for wages, which led to an increase in demand for products such as clothing. These items of clothing were made by the textile industry. The cottage system was responsible for this -The cottage system served as transition from rural to industrial economy, this system relied on wage labor and a market to buy and sell raw materials such as cotton and clothes- however this system could not keep up with the demand of the increasing population.
Another factor that supports the theory as to why The Industrial Revolution took place in England and not another country was that Britain had an abundant amount of iron and coal resources which allowed for the making and powering of new machines such as the locomotive and steam-powered machinery used

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