What Are The Causes Of The Industrial Revolution Dbq

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From 1760 to 1840, the Industrial Revolution appeared and developed in England. The political advantages in England launched the start of the Industrial Revolution. The Parliament, provided by the government, was created between 1800-1810, and gave permission for innovators to create machinery. This introduced a profit motive and rise of scientific ideas. With the support of political input, commoners and entrepreneurs were able to create their own wealth. Along with that, England preceded in industrial progress because of the people and their interaction with England’s environment. England had an abundance of natural resource that provided fuel for inventions. Their position of having colonial and maritime power also increased their involvement…show more content…
The interaction between the people and the environment was the main cause for the start of industrialization. According to Document 4, George WArner describes how England was fortunate enough to be provided with wool, coal, iron, and other materials that were nearby. Since Warner was an Englishman, he viewed the positive effects from obtaining these resources and how it aided Britain into the Industrial Revolution. According to Document 1, it shows an accurate map of the natural resources of England circa 1700. These raw materials were exploited for the benefit of the population because it demonstrated how these resources speak quickly and rapidly in England. Along with that, England had a trade base in their harbour and a Royal Navy that protected merchants and private traders. This allowed England to obtain maritime and colonial power in which explained how they had access to the environment. Documents 1 and 4 show how the population reacted to the resources and how they used them efficiency, which caused an advantage in England, since these raw materials were necessary for the Industrial
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