Changes And Continuities And Changes 1750-1900

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The world has had many advances and changes in history. In the time period 1750-1900, the world changed immensely, bringing in not only new inventions and technology, but also the Industrial Revolution, Europe’s Imperial Expansion and migration of many people. This time period had many developments and communications that were also carried on after 1900, which was further improved later years ages this time period.
The Industrial Revolution began in Britain, as there was accessibility for trade, population growth and a stable government. In Britain, many new inventions such as the Spinning Jenny, the flying shuttle and the steam engine were designed. As many more inventions were created, farming methods improved making about half the population move to cities and find industrial jobs. This led to the loss of farms. The industrial revolution …show more content…

Finally, in 1883, the British Parliament introduced laws to make the working and living conditions safer and cleaner for workers.
European Imperial Expansion
As Britain led the Industrial Revolution, it enabled them to have power that allowed them to build new empires of other lands including Australia. They used trade, technological revolution and inequalities among regions to dominate other lands. This led to many new developments of trade and transport.

European imperialism also had a negative effect on culture and language. For example, when the British arrived at Sydney Cove, the Aborigines thought of it as a threat, as the British did not understand their language. This was a problem for the British and obstructed them from building empires. Overall, European imperial expansion had a positive impact with a few negative effects due to culture and language.
Movement of People
The Industrial Revolution brought along many changes and influences on migration. There were many changes in food, medical conditions and

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