Inecure Attachment Analysis

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One concept in the video that was explored was insecure attachments. Almost all these child victims, were placed into sex slavery by their parent or family member. An example from the video would be the mother who worked in a brothel, and left her daughter unprotected to get raped. I believed that those two would have an insecure attachment style, the mother neglected the care of the daughter and left her alone to be exploited. I believe the mother displayed a disorganized insecure attachment style, her behavior was a source of disorientation & terror for her daughter. By the daughter being exploited, the daughter’s life became traumatic and chaotic. Inferring that the daughter could have difficulties with self-esteem, regulating emotions, …show more content…

These exploited children don’t get to develop the same as children who live in “normal” child’s lifestyle. The trafficked children don’t get to enjoy the same pleasures as other children, they don’t play, they don’t learn and their lives are filled with lists of things that they don’t get to do. Most children their age would be going to school, playing with friends and involved with extracurricular activities. These exploited children go from being school age children to having adult like tendencies. Some miss out on the developmental stage of being an adolescent, which I believe would lead to psychological and emotional problems in the present and future. I think the exploited children would have a hard time regulating, expressing or understanding their emotions and building & maintaining social skills. “Normal” children who are their age would be involved in play time, that play times let’s children learn and develop social skills and emotions. Those exploited children wouldn’t have the change to develop those skills, compared to other children because they need to develop survival skills. I think that children compared to the exploited children would have higher self-esteem. I think that because they would receive authentic praise, base on their merit. I think the exploited children would either not receive any praise or would receive unauthentic praise, because they people in charge of them don’t have the children’s best interest in mind. I think the trafficked children’s caregivers, wouldn’t do things to build a child’s self-esteem. I think they would do things to lower the child’s self-esteem, for a way of power of the children. I think the video gives a clear distinction of the unhealthy ways these trafficked children are

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