Modern Slavery Book Report

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With this evidence of higher child abuse in lower socioeconomic classes, this confirms the individual level factor idea that Clayton has. With this proven, it can lead to sex trafficking in these lower classes because according to Clayton, previous abuse will more likely lead a person down the path of sexual exploitation. Lower socioeconomic status means that financially, they are struggling. With that, it all comes down to money. Along with that come where the wealthy people of this industry fit in. The fact that those of the middle and upper socioeconomic classes are the ones “purchasing” these sex slaves, which makes this trade continue to run and operate. In fact, the demands increase because these wealthy people are able to afford …show more content…

Without money, people become hopeless, which eventually leads to desperation. Where there is desperation is desperate people willing to do whatever it takes to survive.
In the book, Inside the Business of Modern Slavery, there is a lot of startling information about this industry. Siddharth Kara, the author of this book, focuses a lot on the statistics and the logistical aspects of this disgusting …show more content…

Whips, cigarette burns, broken bones, starvation -- every slave has suffered these tortures, but sex slaves suffer each of these as well as innumerable counts of rape – ten, fifteen, twenty or more times per day. In brothels across the globe, I met women and children who suffered unspeakable acts of barbarity (Kara p. preface x).
This portion of the book really reminded me of The Stickup Kids and the experiences that the stickup kids had with raiding drug dealers. The torture that these men did to the drug dealers for the money and drugs sounds oddly similar to the violence that these women and children suffer. However, the biggest difference in both these cases is probably the fact that these women and children never asked to be in that position. The drug dealers in The Stickup Kids probably never wanted to be tortured either. However, they voluntarily put themselves in the drug business and with the drug territory comes violence, whether you want it or not. These women and children who were abducted out of their homes and forced into sex slavery did not voluntarily put themselves in that position. Their lives were ruined all over menial amounts of

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