Inequalities In Atlanta

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As Gentrification and politics change our very neighborhoods, we must reflect on the differences and the struggles of equality in our life. Fortunately for me , I feel as if I lived in a city that is known as a Mecca for African Americans. Atlanta has served as a Mecca for racial unrest in cultures ultimately creating peace and tranquility in Georgia’s State Capital. As a majority African American city, black people make an impact on the city and serve as the power of the city. Through my project, I wanted to show how prominent figures that are mostly born in Atlanta (some were born in other parts of Georgia or moved at early ages) reflect and support the community when dealing with black struggles in society. The map is a display of the city of Atlanta and the districts in the city. …show more content…

Even though offensive, many users agreed with the “accuracy” of the labels displayed. On another note, the famous speakers speak about the struggles and inequalities in the United States for the African American race. Even though short quotes, all of these figures on the poster have made numerous strides when dealing with African Americans struggle sin America. Accordingly, some of have created a bigger impact than others on the debate. I think looking at it through the Atlanta lens creates an interesting dynamic. Obviously, I believe Black Atlantans are wildly outspoken in the political arena, even if it’s not their expertise. However, I was very surprised how much famous people supported the idea of “All lives matter” more than “Black lives matter.” The quotes on the poster board are from prominent persons in society that support black lives as being the most important to support in this dire time of

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