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“Hispanic men, for their part, have made no progress in narrowing the wage gap with white men since 1980” (Patten lines 39-40). Since the dawn of time there has always been discrimination against races that society deems “superior”. In history, in the lives of those who are dedicated to change, and for the betterment of Texas there has always been a shadow cast by inequality. There is hope from every educated person, that this stigma would be completely eradicated. Inequality does nothing but hurt our society and weaken the ties between fellow human beings. HISTORICAL OVERVIEW In the early years of the 1900’s “Mexico was experiencing a revolution” (McBirny line 13). Due to this revolution, the Mexican people “fled for safety” and also “realized …show more content…

After being so harshly treated for so long, they began to protest. BIOGRAPHY December 21, 1916 a heroine was born in San Antonio, Texas. Her name; Emma Tenayuca (The Hispanic Experience timeline). Emma Tenayuca was born to two Mexican natives who had been “strongly affected by the Great Depression”(Beeman line 1) of the 1930s. She would soon grow up to be one of Texas’ most influential women for her organization of labor union protests: San Antonio native Emma Tenayuca was a pioneering activist involved with issues that resemble those of modern times: disparity of rich and poor, and substandard wages and working conditions of laborers and migrant workers (The Hispanic Experience lines 1-4). From a young age Emma took interest in things other children could not fathom. Issues that children do not even come to think of until their adolescent years. She was a bright-minded child whose goals and aspirations far surpassed any adults: Her grandfather, Francisco Zepeda, helped her read newspapers as a young girl and often took her to San Antonio’s Plaza del Zacate, a gathering spot where community leaders shared news and talked about politics. The discussions instilled in her a lifelong passion for learning and social justice.” (People’s World lines

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