Unequal America Case Study

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1. What measures would you employ to illustrate just how unequal America is? The measure I would employ in the illustration of how unequal America is would be the wealth distribution observed among different states. The inequality is especially demonstrated by comparing income generation of different families from different states. According to Pew Research Center (2015), wealth gap between upper income earning people and the rest of the Americans was the widest on record. For example the center in a report of 2013, found that the net worth of the country’s upper-income households and nearly 70 times that of lower income earning families. 2. How relevant is Marx today--after all he died in the l880 's? Marx is still relevant today since we…show more content…
Through research Pew Research Center found out that the gap of inequality in income earning is very wide. This means that even labor is paid on the basis of who and where one is working from. However, if all of the working people received a standardized compensation for their labor, I think things would have been different. Hence, the initiated efforts to standardize labor compensation should be materialized. 5. Do you agree with Professor Stiglitz that "inequality matters."? I absolutely agree with Professor Stieglitz on the notion that inequality matters. It is mainly so because competition which can only be established by inequality is crucial and significant in the development attained at individual level as well as in the national level 6. Have you investigated the differences in the social safety net in the U.S. versus those in Western Europe to diminish the effects of economic inequality? (any personal experience?) Yes I have an experience and found out that European countries redistribute income amongst their citizens at a much larger scale than is the case in the U.S. European does this through social programs that reach to a big number of citizens. Also, European policies are very much concerned with protecting the

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