Influence Of The Media On Body Image

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One of the most disputed aspects of the fashion industry and advertising is body image. Models today are getting thinner and thinner. Kirstie Clements, former Australian Vogue editor, says the industry is a thin-obsessed culture in which starving models eat tissues and resort to surgery when dieting isn 't enough. I began to recognise the signs that other models were using different methods to stay svelte. I was dressing a model from the US on a beauty shoot, and I noticed scars and scabs on her knees. When I queried her about them she said, nonchalantly: "Oh yes. Because I 'm always so hungry, I faint a lot." She thought it was normal to pass out every day, sometimes more than once.” In today’s society the way we look, dress, act and even talk is defined by advertising and the media. Advertising is one of the main influences on our body image. Besides the many other influences such as parents, education, peers and relationships, the media has the greatest impact, and specifically on young women. Young women are constantly being given the image of the ‘perfect’ body and indications on what the world defines as ‘beautiful’. From the perspective of the media slimness is idealised and expected for women to be seen as ‘attractive’. This is strongly represented in the Guess advertisement on the right hand side. Where a young, beautiful and flawless model is positioned wearing a revealing red dress to try and sell the latest designer handbag through sexualised advertising and

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