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Speech Outline: Need To Know GMO Communications-2040 Daniel Ezeji Daniel Ezeji Informative speech outline Topic : Genetically modified organisms General purpose: To inform Specific purpose : To inform my audience about the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified organisms (GMO), with the regulations. Thesis statement: (GMO) is a large part of the American diet and many Americans do not know. To understand the importance of GMO, it is important to educate ourselves and others on what we consume. A. Introduction According to a philosopher, Anthelme Brillat-Savarin he stated, “you are what you eat”. a. Attention getter: Have you ever wondered how much of the food we eat has been genetically modified? b. Genetically Modified Organisms, are organisms that have …show more content…

b.Specific effects on humans The negative impact of GMOs on humans. i. They have lower levels of nutritional needs to protect the body from heart disease and cancer when they are consumed by animals Khan, Muafia, Nasreen, and Salariya, 2012) ii. Also, some individual are so allergic to this and that they go into anaphylactic shock (similar to a severe bee sting reaction) which can cause death Current Situation and Regulations surrounding GMOs: a. Regulation of GMOs is done by three government agencies: the FDA, EPA and USDA. i. For a GM product to be considered “safe” according to the criteria set by these agencies it has to be “substantially equivalent” to its corresponding non-GM crop. (Lundquist, 2015) Daniel Ezeji b. For a company to test a crop, they have to provide a form of notice to the sub-division of USDA. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) which allows producers of GM crops to introduce the crop into the environment and bypass inspection of the crop itself. (Lundquist, 2015) c. In order to make this process effective GM producers have to do is certify that

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