Informative Speech On Silicone

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Silicone. I’m sure you have all heard of this substance before. But it’s more than an element on the periodic table, we actually encounter it in our everyday lives whether you like it or not. Let’s bring in a show of hands, who here has ever used moisturizer? Hmm. okay who here has ever used any kind of makeup? Last but not least, who here has ever used shampoo? Sorry to break it to you but unless you spend more than $50 on a single bottle of shampoo, silicone is in your everyday lives. Here is a piece of pure silicone, it’s assumed to be for blending out makeup but I ripped it open just for this speech. This substance is cheap, widely available, and used in almost every single personal care product on the market. Although it’s considered “safe” to use by the FDA, you don’t want this substance on your hair or …show more content…

WRONG. Since silicone is a rubbery plastic-like mineral, it is very much waterproof and arduous to wash off. Unless you are double cleansing your head with a silicone-free soap after using shampoo, the chances of you washing the silicone out is basically zero. Silicone puts an unwanted covering on the scalp, therefore increases the chance of you getting acne in your hairline. If you love silky smooth hair, then you must have heard of or used conditioner. Silicone, most commonly known as Dimethicone, is usually the 2nd or 3rd ingredient in conditioners. That means the product incorporates a high percentage of it. Although it works great at temporarily giving your hair that moisturized, light-reflecting effect, it is actually creating a “waterproof” seal on each strand. This makes it impossible for any beneficial ingredients to penetrate through and heal our damaged locks. Over time, your hair will be even drier and damaged than before. Thus, silicone does give your hair the “Barbie” effect, making it look shiny and healthy but it’s slaughtering your hair at the same

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