Inherit The Wind Frank Brady Character Analysis

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Aristotle once said "A man doesn't become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall.” In literature, a tragic hero is best defined as a character who makes a mistake which inevitably leads to their downfall. Moreover, a tragic hero is often depicted as conceited, arrogant, and someone whose fortune is reversed. In “Inherit the Wind”, the issue of Matthew Harrison Brady as a tragic hero is significant since he was expected to triumph against Drummond because he was a hero to everyone else.
Matthew Harrison Brady was looked upon his peers and most citizens as a hero; someone whom they can always count on. Brady, a lawyer and a (failed) politician, constantly emphasized his love toward religion; specifically the Bible. His life and beliefs revolved around the Bible, regardless if they seem illogical and contradictory. Moreover, Brady also uses the Bible as the foundation of most his arguments in his court cases and he …show more content…

Multiple news reporters arrived at the court, much to Brady’s pleasure since he wanted to be publicized. The jury ultimately decided that Cates was guilty and the Judge ordered him to pay a fine of 100 dollars. Brady was shocked and angered, believing that the punishment was meager. After the court case is adjourned, Brady attempts to say some final words, but the judge denied him. Brady still attempted to recite his speech, but no one showed him attention like they used to. As a result, he starts to scream out nonsense while turning red in the face. Brady took a final blow when the radio man announced the trial was over. As a result of the “abuse” Brady was facing, he faints and later dies.
As a final point, Brady is exactly what a tragic hero is best defined as. He was extremely conceited, has his fortune reversed, and makes a mistake that leads to his downfall. Though he was once considered a hero, he essentially turned himself into a tragic

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