Who Is Brady In Inherit The Wind

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The play Inherit the Wind, by, Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee, is based and recreated of a famous trail in the 20th century. This trial brought out the tension and controversy when it comes to having an opinion on discussing or teaching the religious biblical views of creation versus the scientific theory of man. Giving it’s name, ‘’The Monkey Trial’’ Hillsboro is a very biased town when it comes to non-traditional aspects. In other words, anyone considered different would be considered an ‘’outsider.’’ Everybody in Hillsboro is taught to follow the same rules, and attend the same church. Therefore, when a school teacher -by the name of Bert Cates- decided to purposely ‘’break the rules’’(page?) and voice his opinion by teaching man's …show more content…

Brady then realized he perhaps hadn’t exactly evaluated the historic and societal changed he could cause. Drummond calls Brady to the witness stand to speak upon the Bible- as Brady is the biblical expert. Mr. Brady is unaware of the plan Drummond has. He confidently carries on into the witness stand all without evaluating his decision. It quickly becomes apparent that brady knows nothing about evolutionary theories and that Brady along with man are able to, should be able to and can indeed think for themselves- the point Drummond meant to make all along. Brady still won the case. Brady’s final speech was constantly being interrupted, eventually making it impossible to finish and communicate, leaving him so overwhelmed and devastated, he passed away weeks later. In conclusion, because of Mr. Brady’s strong beliefs, confidence, powerful speeches, manipulation, ‘’booming’’ personality, and public figure, he was able to win the trail, despite his ironic humiliation is court and ironic

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