Inhumane In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night is a memoir that is told from a Holocaust survivor, Elie’s point of view. Elie describes the Holocaust as a life changing tragedy and his survival, a miracle. To follow it up, the narrator also mentions his survival is to tell others how the violation of Human Rights had impacted the lives of the Jewish people. The Germans had violated nearly all human rights the Jewish prisoners had, to the point where the prisoners lost faith in their religion and their belief in God.
As inhumane as the members of the Nazi party are, during the Holocaust Germans executed many of the Jewish hostages in cruel manners. The cruel annihilation and torture violates article five in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As article five states “No one …show more content…

In the concentration camps in Aushwitz, those of the Jewish dissent were assassinated and abolished without reasoning. In addition to this, the Germans were executing children and women in particular, and keeping the men for intense labor. However, the method of execution of children and babies is just preposterous; “Something was being burned there. A truck drew close and unloaded its hold: small children. Babies!”(Wiesel, 32) Babies were burnt alive and “Infants were tossed into the air and used as targets for the machine guns.”(Wiesel Insert Page) To make matters even worse, Elie mentions that friends in the concentration camp who work in the crematoria, were forced to kill their father and other family members. Events like this can do a harmful amount of damage to one. Many of the Jewish inmates are found facing depression and anxiety. Elie is found always worrying about his mother and sister and if they are alive or not. Such levels of stress and depression are causing most characters in the prisons to feel suicidal or lead to chronic levels of stress and depression. In the novel, Elie’s father displays the effects of stress and depression, as he is found with other men …show more content…

The actions of the German SS soldiers, is an offense as it voids the Jewish peoples’ rights. Voiding article four in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, prisoners of all ages are severely impacted by this. As “no one shall be held in slavery” (Declaration), the actions of the Germans had a drastic change in the Jewish peoples’ physical, emotional and mental and/or psychological state. When Elie first entered the concentration camp in Auschwitz, he feared of being isolated from his father and family. With the amount of forced labor given to do, without choice, Elie mentions the desire to take away his life. “I gathered all that remained of my strength in order to break rank and throw myself onto the barbed wire.” (Wiesel, 33-34) Furthermore, Elie mentions his statement in the first few days of joining the concentration camp. The ridiculous amounts of hours Elie and the other prisoners put into labor was unbelievable. Many were injured or ill due to this, and to make matters worse, all Jewish inmates must work off the supply of a portion of bread and stale soup. The Jewish people were all losing weight and strength due to the lack of nutrition and the intense labor. This chain reaction worsens as the German SS soldiers annihilate those who are failing to meet the Germans requirements in the concentration camps. Also, concentration camps scar many

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