Innocence In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Lastly, the loss of innocence due to evil can be seen in what has become of the formerly innocent in the long-term. This can be shown with how perception of the world around the formerly innocent changes. In The Lord Of The Flies the change in perception for the then innocent can be seen when Piggy’s glasses are broken at the hands of Jack. Representing clarity and hope within in novel, when they are broken, the boys’ perception of each other and their environment changes with Ralph growing increasingly frustrated at Jack and his hunters who “QUOTE”, and with Jack and his hunters growing increasingly less sensitive to murder. By the end of the book, it is seen that Jack will stop at nothing to kill Ralph and that Jack and Ralph have split as enemies. To Kill a Mockingbird, however, has the perception change in a …show more content…

Overall, both novels portray that the change in the innocent’s perspective shows the loss of innocence effectively, as Jack goes from a boy who couldn’t muster up the courage to kill a pig, to killing and torturing others, and as Jem who turns from the boy who managed to touch the Radley house, to the boy who has turned into an Atticus jr. with his perception of his surroundings. As both changes come from corruption, it is quite clear that these boys are no longer innocent. Furthermore, the loss of innocence due to evil being seen in what has become of the victim can be seen with how the victims mature. In The Lord Of The Flies, we get to experience the maturation of Ralph as he deals with the horrors on the island. By realizing that the island isn’t a paradise away from all of the grown-up’s rules, Ralph becomes more and more mature over a long period of time. It is shown that Ralph is truly mature when he admits that he “FIND PART ABOUT KILLING SIMON”, as taking responsibility is seen as a mature

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