Interprofessional Teams Essay

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A healthcare system should include an interprofessional team that works well together. If everyone in the interprofessional team is not cooperative or passionate about building the group, this may impact a patient’s outcome. The goal of an interprofessional team within a healthcare system is to provide the finest quality of care for their patients. If one or multiple cannot put the effort to work with others, the intended result may be corrupt. It is vital for healthcare interprofessional teams to function as a whole to provide the greatest result. Interprofessional Teams It is known that within a healthcare system, interprofessional teams should be professional and willing to assist one another to provide the greatest quality of care for patients. According to Gillian Mulvale, Mark Embrett, and Shaghayegh Donya Razavi, the authors of ‘Gearing Up’ to Improve Interprofessional Collaboration in Primary Care: A Systematic Review and Conceptual Framework, …show more content…

There are many factors that contribute to patient outcomes. If nurses and healthcare providers are experiencing patient burnout, how will that affect patient outcomes? We all know where this is going. Patient burnout may cause patient outcomes to be poor. Panagiota Copanitsanou, Nikolaos Fotos, and Hero Brokalaki mentioned that negative effects may lead to poor patient outcomes due to the increased mortality, complications, and readmissions. With that being said, it is vital for nurses to work in an environment that is well staffed and trained without the use of having nurses work more hours than they already are required to. It is known that having good management, balanced work schedule, and a safe environment all contributes to nurses with less patient burnout which then can provide a higher quality of

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