Intersectional Analysis Model

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“Self-efficacy” is an important concept to keep in mind for students who are struggling with their literacy abilities “Research in the field of writing also shows that self-efficacy promotes motivation and learning and that modeling, goal setting, and self-evaluation exert desirable effects as well.” (Schunk, 2003, p. 6). Student’s self–efficacy play’s a huge role in their motivation and learning strategies. It is important for all students to have the confidence they need in order to participate in their studies efficiently and effectively. Student’s self-evaluations of their ability to perform in and out of the classroom is what indicates their perception of themselves as a student. (Schunk, 2003). It is these perceptions that can directly affect their academic confidence. Method I selected The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez (1997), because I could see that this author was trying to establish a theme of survival and struggle for…show more content…
The application of an intersectional analysis will help me demonstrate the intersections that stood in the way of this individuals’ success like: identity establishment, social classes, gender roles, and racial discrimination. By understanding the experience of Panchito and his family, I can have a better insight of how to effectively engage and motivate students that I might have in my classroom who are like Panchito and struggle with their literacy abilities. The intersections that stand in the way of success for immigrant youth can be challenging to overcome. However with the proper support and guidance, these hurdles can be surpassed. “For immigrant adolescence, the stresses associated with developing a sense of identity are accompanied and aggravated by the challenges of existing and growing up in disparate cultures.” (Roffman, 2003, p.
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