Into The Beautiful North Analysis

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Into the Beautiful North Summary Into the Beautiful North is a novel about a young coming of age girl by the name of Nayeli in the small town of Tres Camarones (a small village about 1000 miles from the U.S border) and her quest to the United States to try and raise an army of men to bring back to her hometown to fight the bandidos (the bad guys). The story begins with the introduction of the characters, beginning with Nayeli, the dark skinned, nineteen-year old girl on her way to her second job at La Mano Caida restaurant. Here the story shows us that her and her friends have nothing to do in this small town but work their low–wage jobs and surf the internet for things they have no hope of seeing in reality. The problem of the story is that things are rapidly changing in a small town that does not welcome change as a result of some drug dealing hooligans who have begun …show more content…

However, after watching the Magnificent Seven at a screening, Nayeli is convinced of traveling to the United States in a quest to find seven of the towns best fighters (including her father) to bring back to fight off the bandidos. Nayeli and her friends begin their journey with the support of her Tia Irma (the new mayor of the town) and the town. In Tijuana she befriends a guy by the name of Atomiko (a trash picker) who insist on joining their mission. He helps them across the border, they cross by using tunnels. After crossing the border, she seeks to find the help of Matt a missionary who had been to their town in the past. Also the girls are in San Diego doing more recruiting, while that is going on Nayeli and Tacho head to Illinois to try and find Nayeli’s father but she then losses interest in trying to talk to him after she sees that her father has a new family, so she just turns away. A discussion that I would like to set off is that I believe Nayeli is the best person to lead the mission, and although many may disagree with me I believe she is

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