Invasion Of Mexico Dbq Essay

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The Invasion of Mexico America caused trouble with Mexico over land that wasn’t even rightfully theirs. Sure, if this event in history would not have happened, Arizona, including most of the west side of America, most likely wouldn’t be apart of the United States today. But for them to go over to another country uninvited, plus break it’s laws and kill their people when they were supposedly “against invasion.” Yet, that only seems to apply when it’s flipped backwards; as in they’re the ones being the invaded, rather than the invader. That just makes America a hypocritical and biased nation. Therefor, the U.S. was not justified in going to war with Mexico. U.S. historians refer to this event in particular as “ The Mexican War”; while in Mexico, the refer to it as “ the U.S. Invasion.” (Doc.C, Par.1) Troops commanded by General Zachary Taylor arrived at the Rio Grande across from the city of Matamoros President Polk’s orders in early 1846. Thus, occupying the territory in dispute and increasing the possibilities of battle. In the eyes of the Mexican Government,the mobilization of the U.S. Army was an outright attack on Mexico. (Doc.C, Par.3) An article in the Daily El Tiempo stated,” The American Government acted like a bandit who came upon a traveler.” (Doc.C, Par.4) America did not go over to Mexico in order to protect their country, but to endanger another’s. …show more content…

The idea was, that this extensive province ought to be apart of the United States.(Doc.D, Par.2) A current of emigration soon followed from the United States. Slaveholders crossed the Sabine River between Louisiana and Texas with their slaves, in defiance of the Mexican ordinance of freedom.(Doc.D, Par.3) America was unjustified because the broke Mexico’s

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