Irony In Edgar Allan Poe's 'Princess Aurora'

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Once upon a time there lived a king and queen who were very unhappy because they had no children. Then I ,Princess Aurora, was born, and filled their hearts with joy. All the bells throughout the land were rung to to celebrate the good news of my birthday. My dad held a grand feast, inviting all the fairies that lived in the kingdom to come as my godmothers, hoping that each would give me a good gift. Each of the fairies was placed a plate with a spoon, a knife, and a fork—all pure gold. As the fairies were about to seat themselves, a strange woman appeared in the hall. She was a very old fairy who had not been invited. No one knew of her because she had left the kingdom fifty years before and had not been seen or heard of until that day. My …show more content…

My life growing up was normal, despite the fear of losing my beauty. I befriended many princes that promised their kiss me to awake me if anything ever happened…until I mentioned that they would become ugly to save my beauty. All of the princes were self-absorbed and use their looks to gain pride and power.
One day when I was seventeen years old, my mother and father left me alone in the castle. I loved exploring the place when they were away. I was frolicking throughout the rooms and came to a little room in the top of a tower. There was an old woman, that must have been so old and deaf that she had never heard of the my father’s command, who sat spinning.
The motion and machine was something I have never seen before. I felt very intrigued in the quick movements and the …show more content…

Every single one of them sneered at him,”I will not sacrifice my handsomeness for your daughter!” My mother became desperate and bribed them with riches, goods, and power. Still, they all refused.
As the years went on, I lost hope. Every year I became uglier and uglier. My hair turned brittle and lost its beautiful shade of blonde. My smile grew crooked and yellow. My father and mother stopped visiting me, ashamed of what I was becoming. About twenty years passed, and I lay there rotting my life away when suddenly the door creaked open, and in walked a charming prince. The prince had heard of my story and traveled hundred of miles to find me. He approached my bed and whispered, “I shall lay a kiss upon your lips, knowing that it will effect my own appearance, though it shall not affect my heart.” He kissed me and I awoke crying, so touched by his noble gesture. When I saw him, all that shined through his ugliness was his love for me. My beauty was restored but my mindset was completely changed.
He started to leave and I called out,”Wait! I must hear your name.”
“It is Prince Jacques, why do you ask?”, he

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