Irony In The Most Dangerous Game

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The next element used in the story is irony. Irony is used to make readers think about the story and or it can emphasize the central idea. In “The Most Dangerous Game” Connell uses irony quite a few time. The irony of the main conflict is that Sanger Rainsford is on the the world’s best hunters, yet he ends up being hunted by General Zaroff. “‘ We’ll have capital hunting, you and I,’ said the general.” One would think the general is talking about hunting animals with Rainsford when he is actually talking hunting Rainsford himself. It is also ironic when General Zaroff is described as “civilized”. In a way, he is civilized— his fancy clothes,nice home, and spares no expense. Although he is civilized in that way, he enjoys to kill other humans
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