Irrational Decisions In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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“Happiness is good, sadness is bad but together, they create a good story” These words from Luna Adriana Ardiansyah fit excellent for describing the erratic story of Romeo and Juliet. This story goes up and down with deaths, bad situations and plot twists. All these events led to different tragic events and Tybalt's death was one of them. In the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, Tybalt is liable for his own death because he makes irrational decisions, he has anger issues, and he always has held a grudge against the Montagues. In Shakespeare's “ The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” Tybalt is bound for his own death. One reason Tybalt is responsible for his own death is him making irrational decisions. One of the ways he shows his irrational decisions is when he says “Are you fighting with these ,cowards? Turn thee, Benvolio. Look upon thy death.” (1.1.61-62) During this quote, Tybalt had asked Benvolio why he pulled out his sword. He told Benvolio to turn around and look at the man who was going to kill him, then they began to fight. The only reason why Tybalt wants to kill Benvolio is that he wants peace while everyone else is fighting. Because of Tybalt's irrational decisions, that's one of the reasons he got killed. Also he makes an …show more content…

His own irrational decisions punishes him for himself always wanting to picking fight and arguing, but always having the urge to always win. His grudge against the Montagues. Another reason causing his death,because he never dropped the anger he had with Romeo. The capulets and Montagues were already rivals too. The last reason is was his anger issues. Tybalt getting mad over the big and small things is not good. Cleary if Tybalt would have made all these things better and tried to control all of these he would still be alive and the story would be different. All these reasons and more are the leading causes to Tybalt's

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