Is Communism A Good Thing

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A communism is an economic system where collective owns the factor of production.
Karl Marx developed the theory of communism. “ One man did more than any other to strengthen this feeling” (Downing 7).The capitalistic owners would no longer have all of it profit. The profit would also go to all of the workers. Communism is not a good thing because workers are getting pay less of the profit they’re making. Anyone know what makes the communism systems interesting? Without the labor, entrepreneur, capital good, and natural resources, communism would have not existed because the owners are getting more of the profit itself. Many workers are giving a demand that they should get a raise in their payments.
Labor are hard workers, yet getting pay less than they accounted …show more content…

People like them are the main reason why the company are in a good shape and still running with many
Gaw 1 entrepreneurs by their side. Entrepreneurs come up with many many ideas and put it all in hoping that the owners and the consumer will like the ideas. It took them a lot of efforts and introducing new ideas of what to manufacturers. Then they will give it all and risk theirs career. “Unlike most Keynesian or pre-Keynesian theorists, Schumpeter laid primary stress on the role of the entrepreneurs, or businessman” (Cornwall 4).
Capital good and natural resources are in the same categories because without the investment (capital good) the business could not afford the natural resources. Many people are not willing to invest money in the company so the owners have to cuts the labor paycheck little by little to keep the company running. Natural resources are very important in a company and this is why companies are shutting down. “Visible trade also includes the export and import of goods used directly in the production of other goods and services (capital good) such as industrial machinery and equipment” (Visible

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