Is Polonius A Loving Father

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Most parents are loving, smart, and nice, but, in Hamlet, Polonius is the opposite of a loving father. Although most parents care about their children Polonius uses them and proves he cannot be trusted.
Polonius is a kiss up to the king and he wants to look commendable for him. Polonius tells Ophelia, “I would not, in plain terms, from this time forth have you so slander any moment leisure as to give wonders or to talk with lord hamlet. Polonius shows Ophelia a life lesson so she can obey him. Polonius believes in Ophelia, he knows that Ophelia will listen and follow his orders her. Ophelia responds to Polonius, “ I obey you, my Lord.” Ophelia obeys Polonius because he is her father and you should always obey your parents. Polonius attempts
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