Compare And Contrast Polonius And The Lion King

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Polonius Vs. Zazu
When comparing and contrasting William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Disney’s The Lion King the characters have similiar levels of comparison. Both Hamlet and the Lion King are stories centered around the following elements; truth, deception, revenge, romance, and the circle of life. The characters in both of the stories are constantly working to find their place in the circle of life throughout the story. Two characters of similiar roles, Hamlet’s Polonius and The Lion King’s Zazu are similiar in their loyalty and vanity, however, Zazu is not manipulative.
Loyalty is defined as a strong feeling of support or allegiance; both characters, Polonius and Zazu, clearly show this trait throughout the stories. The following passage expresses the loyalty that Polonius shows to Claudius. As Polonius is trying to convince Claudius that Hamlet is crazy because he is in love with Ophelia, Polonius says to the King, “Hath there been such a time-I would fain know/ that-/ That I have positively said,”Tis so.”/ When it proved otherwise?” and the King responds, “Not that I know.” (II.II.159-163). This simply shows Polonius’s desire to please the King and what he is willing to do for his master. As the King’s “yes-man,” Polonius …show more content…

When having a conversation with Ophelia, Polonius says, “I would not, in plain terms, from this time forth/ Have you so slander any moment leisure/ As to give words or talk with the lord Hamlet./ Look to’t, I chanrge you. Come your ways.” (I.III.138-141). This quote shows how Polonius is manipulating Ophelia into not ever talking to Hamlet ever again. As her father, Polonius has the right to make suggestions to hhis daughter, but he completely banned Ophelia from talking to Hamlet. Zazu on the other hand isn’t manipulative at all. He does as he is told and does his best to make everyone

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