How Did Isaac Newton Change The World

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One of the most influential minds came from the 17th century. Isaac Newton brought a huge change to the world after becoming the most influential scientist of the 17th century. Newton began to think of physics and behavior of many things around him. His curiosity and desire to answer his questions of "why" are the reason that Newton remains a leader in the world of science. Newton participated in the Scientific Revolution from 1550-1700 and this is where he made most of his discoveries and obtained most of his leadership qualities. When the important discovery of the famous Laws of Gravity and Laws of Motion, known as the laws that govern us, were discovered by Newton, his ideas brought to the world changed the way everyone saw the world with the new discoveries of laws of motion gravity, laws of motion, calculus, the way planets work, the discovery of how rainbows are created, all these innovations set the base for present day science and math. First, Newton’s participation as a leader in the Scientific Revolution that took place from took place from 1550-1700 (Hatch, Robert A., Prof.)really impacted others as well. During this time many scientists and mathematicians sought clear answers to the questions that were brought up. Newton, along with other scientists discovered many ideas and formulas …show more content…

Thanks to Isaac Newton ‘s laws of gravity that lead Robert Goddard towards the correct path on building his liquid fueled rocket. Because we have come a long way from just a twelve meter height, at this point in time, the small 3 meter rocket has been converted into much high powered and efficient space exploration

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