Isaac Newton's Accomplishments

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Sir Isaac Newton is one of the greatest known scientists today. He has helped the world by improving mathematics through the invention of calculus, and discovering Newton’s laws. Isaac Newton has had many life events lead up to the man he became, had people who influenced and assisted with his findings, as well as all of his vast discoveries, from gravity to prisms, which are still used today. Isaac Newton, a well-known genius, was born to a wealthy family early on Christmas day, back in 1642. “[His mom] named Isaac after his father, but there was no father on hand to welcome the new baby”(Anderson, M). He was so small, he could fit into a quart jug, and many people thought he wouldn’t survive for more than an hour. However, Isaac was able …show more content…

He asked himself, “Why did the apple fall down, and not [all other directions]?” That question helped him discover the principle of gravity. Following this experience, he turned to mathematics and filled his notebooks with figures and diagrams. He used this to develop the Binomial theorem, which makes tables and figures easier to calculate. He developed a theory that white light can be divided into the colors of a rainbow through a prism. “Newton opened with definitions and the three laws of motion now known as Newton’s laws (laws of inertia, action and reaction, and acceleration proportional to force)” (Weisstein, E). He invented Calculus based on information to help analyze any type of occurrence. “He discovered the colors of a rainbow, gravity, and related mathematics to it.” (Skowronek, J) He used his Calculus to find the constant slope of a …show more content…

He influenced inventions like the Newton’s cradle, which uses his concept of gravity to keep hanging weights in motion. “Newton’s universe united Heaven and Earth with a single set of laws.” (Hatch, R) Newton’s discoveries became the foundation for many technological advances, and the base for most of today’s science. His findings influenced many engineers’ tools. Newton found a way to relate gravity with mathematics. This has assisted engineers to make accurate measurements and diagrams through his Calculus, Oculus, and Gravitational theory.
Isaac Newton’s discoveries have impacted the world today in many ways. He was a great scientist who never stopped until he found an answer. He had many life events to help influence him, as well as people who built up his character and inspired him. His discoveries are immense, and there are many more to still be researched. Isaac Newton was truly one of the most impacting scientists in

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