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Isaac Newton Who doesn't know about gravity? Isaac Newton was a scientist that discovered how the universe is held together through his theory of gravitational force. He discovered the secrets of light and color.

Isaac Newton was born December 25, 1642, And during his lifespan he lived in some of the places Woolsthorpe,Lincolnshire,and England. He died March 20, 1727 in London and England.

Isaac Newton lived with his mother most of his life. His father died two months before Isaac Newton was born. When he was three years old his mother remarried and moved away from Isaac leaving him in the care of his grandmother. After a basic education in local schools, his grandmother sent him to the school called King's school in Grantham,England,where he had lived in a home of a pharmacist. …show more content…

He developed a lot of theories of gravitational force in 1666, when he was only 23 years old! In some 20 years later, in like 1686 he presented his Three Laws of Motion. He presented his Three Laws of Motion at the Principia mathematica philosophiae naturalis.

Newton did not attempt to publish some of his early discoveries such as all of his work on the shape of orbits. Modesty and controversy made him hesitant to share all of his theories.
He claimed all of the natural philosophy well the forebear to the natural scientist could explain through mathematics was both groundbreaking.

Did you know that newton wasn't always good at accepting criticism as you thought he was. He wasn't always good at intense clashes too. With his partner British physicist Robert Hooke and some other scientist that had spurred him to retreat for whatever reason only some people know from the scientific community for much of the

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