Isolation In Lord Of The Flies

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Humans need connection with other humans. When people lose connection, they back away from everything. There are many ways for people to lose connection. People could be abused, bullied, lost and many more. If a person gets pushed away from human connection, they feel they don’t belong. Some shut down while others just stay away. In the world, some countries send elderly, who show signs of social isolation, to nursing homes so they can be integrated back to society and won’t do anything to harm themselves or harm others. Sometimes, people are isolated for years, and when someone is isolated for years society holds less weight on them, which allows for more decisions that would not follow the standard moral society line. The Lord of the Flies is a story where boys are isolated and that cause them to do some actions that may not have been the best. One of those actions that are seen by society as bad is, “Piggy fell forty feet and landed on his back…show more content…
Once society is removed from the picture the feeling of I need to please people goes away. Trying to please people causes all kinds of mental anxieties. Simon from Lord of the Flies had anxieties caused by society. The book says, “You are a silly little boy.” The pig head said this to Simon during his hallucination time on page one hundred and forty-three. The pig saying this, shows the reader that Simon has problems in his head regarding other people's thoughts of him. Simon early on in the story goes away from people to an empty area. He is alone. His past with society has caused him to question everything he thinks, and whether he is right or wrong. Simon speaks very little because of society's judgmental suppression. Moral regression is not far for Simon. Wait, Simon dies too soon so no one can see if he does backpedal on the moral line. William Golding never shows Simon’s deepest nature like he does with the rest of the coming of age
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