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The environment, specifically the power within proves stronger than the character traits of those involved. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, there is a complete and very sudden elimination of civilization and structure within the group of boys. This is significant because of their age and the lack of ability to be independent that has not developed enough to the extent that they have the capability to survive on a deserted island together without any adults. For instance, Ralph exclaims “No grownups!” (Golding 8). Ralph exclaims this with what can be inferred as excitement. The boys clearly don’t have the developed knowledge to understand that they can’t survive on their own and how having no grownups with them is going to be detrimental. …show more content…

The first instance where inappropriate behavior was conducted by the prisoners was after the first day, when a rebellion broke out. “The prisoners removed their stocking caps, ripped off their numbers, and barricaded themselves inside the cells by putting their beds against the door” (“SPE” 8). This is the initial crude behavior that evoked the prisoners to descend into a savage state. It was due to the power that the situation had over these prisoners. On the other hand, in LOTF, readers see how the boys are adjusting quite nicely to their environment, then there is a subtle change in the ways the boys act. Not only did the lack of independance force them to descend into a savage state, but the destruction of a symbol that displayed intelligence and order lead to the collapse of civilization. “Ralph made a step forward and Jack smacked Piggy’s head. Piggy’s glasses flew off and tinkled on the rocks” (Golding 71). Piggy’s glasses exemplified intelligence because Piggy used his glasses to create the fire that was needed for the rescue of the boys on the island. Once this symbol is abruptly broken, the intelligence is diminished within the society. These illustrated how a certain situation can have power over the psychology of those

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